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St. Anne's is a Byzantine Catholic Church, following the Eastern tradition of the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Francis. 

It is important to note that the Byzantine rite is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, and therefore fulfills the Roman Catholic Mass obligation when worshiping with us.

Our church comprises one of the 24 different churches that make up the Universal Catholic Church that recognize the authority of the Pope - The Roman Catholic Church plus 23 Eastern Churches.  The Byzantine Church is by far the largest of the 23 Eastern.

Worship in the Eastern Church involves all the senses.  The eyes are filled with the beauty of God's house as expressed in the splendor of its interior, and thus invoking a sense of the Divine.  The ears are filled with the Heavenly songs of praise, while the is unite their song with those of the Heavenly hosts.  A fragrant aroma fills the nostrils and the wafting smoke of incense rises Heavenward like prayers drifting up to God.   The Divine (Holy) Liturgy is the term the Eastern church uses for the Mass.  It is always celebrated with great reverence and awe.

The sanctuary where the sacred sacrifice takes place is holy because it is the meeting place of Heaven and earth.  It is also the place where Christ resides on the Holy table.

Although God has revealed Himself to us in this celebration, the fullness of God's glory and His Divinity is still a great mystery.

Fr. Oleksiy Nebesnyk

Our Pastor is Father Oleksiy Nebesnyk who arrived in June 2017 to serve our Parish. He and his wife, Zoriana, and three children, Edita, Ahnesa and Tereza  are from the Ukraine.

Father has quickly endeared himself to our Parish with his strong faith, compassion, caring, and excellent Homilies.

One of his primary goals is to build our Parish with young families without losing St. Anne's love and closeness of our life-long families.

With Father's loving guidance, and the will of the Holy Spirit, we hope our little "gem" in New Port Richey will grow so that more may benefit from our Lord's life and teaching.


Most Reverend Kurt R. Burnette, DD,Ph.D.,JCL
Eparch (Bishop) of Passaic

Most Reverend C. Skurla, DD
Metropolitan of Pittsburgh

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