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Divine Liturgy:

Sundays 10 AM in New Port Richey.

Saturdays 11 AM in The Villages.

Please see the bulletin for Holy Days schedule.

“Eastern Catholic Life” Eparchial (Diocesan) Newspaper. If you wan to be subscribed to the Diocesan monthly newspaper, it’s $15.00 annually. Checks must be made out to St. Anne’s.​

List of sick parishioners or family members. If you would like to put a name on the list to be prayed for the sick at the Liturgy, please let father know. Same if you would like to take the name off the list.

Liturgy Intentions. If you wish to schedule the Liturgy for the alive or deceased member of your family, please write a note with the day when you would like the Liturgy to be celebrated. We will try to schedule it on the day you request or on another close day.

JOINING THE PARISH: If you would like to become a member of our parish, please see Father.

Advertise Your Business: St. Anne's parish will now be offering advertisement for businesses on the back of the church bulletin. If you or anyone you know wishes to expand their advertising base and to help support St. Anne, please let Father know. This is a wonderful opportunity!! The cost is $20.00 per month for 1 spot or $35.00 per month for 2 spots. We will do this on a yearly contract ending December 2019. We greatly appreciate your consideration of this as it will help St. Anne's.

Remembering Those Living and Deceased:  The "remembrance books" are placed on stands next to the new front icons of Our Lady and Our Lord thereby entrusting them to Our Lord and His Mother.  In doing so, those loved ones may always be before them and remembered.  The book on the LEFT is to record the names of the LIVING and the on the RIGHT is for the DECEASED.  You may also light a candle to signify your prayers of remembrance.  As part of a Christian's prayer life, remembering those living and those deceased is very important.

Mirovanije:  Is the anointing with Holy Oil and is traditionally reserved for special feast days. This is a sacramental blessing with Holy Oil which is applied to your forehead by Fr. Olexiy.  He then will proclaim the greeting, "Christ is among us!".  You then will give the appropriate response, "He is and He shall be!"  You then can take a piece of blessed bread.  This bread is NOT the Holy Eucharist!


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